New for 2021 – A Reimagined ZinEX ZinEX is going Virtual!
ZinEX—Social Zinstancing is going virtual, where gathering together becomes a whole new experience and has never been so meaningful. Our reimagined 29 1/2 ZinEX—The Social Zinstancing Experience will be filled with virtual delights galore. And, our wineries are excited to showcase their latest vintages, single vineyard offerings and special reserves with you. Inspiration will greet you at every turn on these cyber trips. We hope you will celebrate Zinfandel with us!
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We’ll make it easy to navigate this virtual world—and bring wine to your doorstep! Our tastings, seminars and gatherings offer up-close and personal time with our acclaimed winemakers and explorations to bring joy to your day. Whether it’s mouthwatering Zinfandels from the Dry Creek, Russian River, Alexander and Sonoma Valleys, to finely balanced Lodi Zinfandels, luscious Zinfandels from Napa Valley, legendary vineyards in Paso Robles, to exploring the old vines of Contra Costa and Sierra Foothills, or savoring Mendocino and Lake County Zinfandels and Blends, there’s something for every taste.



In today's crowded market, every brand knows their product is the best it can be, but how do you prove it? The goal of ZinEX is to make your brand stand out from the crowd! Participate at high‐end festival that draws wine, food, and lifestyle consumers with discretionary income. The events provide exceptional exposure through a variety of media advertising, press coverage, social media outreach, email marketing, web site promotion and on‐site events. Get valuable direct contact and real time feedback from consumers. Grow brand recognition with desirable new customers while deepening brand loyalty with existing ones. Interact with consumers and media.



Looking to make new friends? Do you have fun working in a cooperative and dynamic setting? Do you want to be of service to terrific non-profit organization? We are seeking cheerful, dependable and current members of ZAP to volunteer at this year’s Zinfandel Experience in San Francisco. Volunteers should be willing to work in a collaborative team environment and may have a variety of tasks. Volunteer opportunities are currently available Thursday thru Saturday.

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Zinfandel Experience (ZinEX)is the only three-day event devoted entirely to Zinfandel and takes place in three stunning San Francisco locations.   “This is a one-of-a-kind celebration of all things Zinfandel. For one weekend each year, wine enthusiasts are able to taste hundreds of Zinfandel styles from all of California’s growing regions. There’s simply nothing else like it.”  Chris Leamy, Past ZAP President


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