“We had a GREAT TIME! Loved the new venue, all events and the people. Always feels like a reunion………🍷💕

VIP Attendee

“We had the best time. Thank you for making our experience absolutely perfect! Don and I both thought that this was the best ZAP ever. Again, thank you for making our reservations and assuring that we had a great experience.”

ZAP Advocate Member

“I just wanted to send a note about ZinEX. We loved the events this year (as we always do), but thought that the food at the Palace (Friday night gala) was spectacular!! Loved the hors d’oeuvres (especially the caviar) and the lamb was divine!!”

ZAP Ambassador Member

I thought the attendance size was just right ‐ not so many participants that you couldn’t enjoy the tasting. Also, great food booths this year. Please do the same next year!

Grand Tasting Attendee

“ZAP offers a terrific place to learn more at Zinfandel.org . For a really deep-dive, attend the ‘Zinfandel Experience’ to be held in 2019 from Jan. 17-19 in San Francisco.”
Dave DeSimone | TribLive.com

“It is my favorite of the whole year! Well organized, well attended, and the people were so gracious and fun.” 
Susie Selby | Selby Winery, Healdsburg

“A sense of place is as important for Zinfandel as any grape. Single vineyard Pinot Noirs get a lot more press attention but the truth is that site to site variance for Zinfandel is even more dynamic. Zinfandel thrives in nearly all of California’s regions, and brings different characteristics to the forefront depending on place.”
Gabe Sasso | Snooth.com

“Zinfandel anchored California vineyards a century ago. Now it’s emerging again, with all of that character and history behind it (and better-than-ever food cred).” 

Sara Schneider | Sunset Magazine
July 2017

Voted as one of the 10 best wine festivals in the United States by USA Today 10Best reader poll.
August, 2016

“Zinfandel Experience is the greatest event of wine tasting from a single grape variety in the world, unique in its class.”
Edgar Solis | Examiner.com
January 7, 2015

“As a veteran of the wine business, I’ve seen trends come and go, and Zin still seems hold its own. While Zin’s greatest stronghold remains in Northern California, there remains a global love for the varietal among those who love wine. My attendance at the ZAP Trade Tasting on Thursday, January 22nd at Rock Wall Winery confirmed that.”
Wilfred Wong | Juicy Tales by Jo Diaz
February 3, 2014

“It’s so awesome when you can sit down with world renowned winemakers and discuss a Zinfandel flight like you were old friends — and with old friends!”
ZAP Advocate Member
February 8, 2015

“We have always had a great time and discovered a number of must-try wines”
Active Boomer Adventures
November 29, 2015

“I’ve got my tickets to ZAP, I can’t wait to get my Zin on.”
John on Wine
February, 2014

“I’m not exactly sure how long a particular event has to have been going on for it to be credibly labeled an institution, but whatever that length of time, the ZAP Zinfandel Festival in San Francisco would certainly qualify.”
Alder Yarrow | Vinography
February 3, 2016


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