Trestle Glen Vineyards

Trestle Glen Vineyards encompasses 21 acres of the best of the Olive Hill Vineyard. Located in the southern portion of Sonoma County, this region is nestled between the Sonoma Mountain and Mayacamas Mountain ranges. Sonoma Valley enjoys cool mornings provided by the coastal influences, yet clear skies and warm afternoons provided by the mountains, ideal growing conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Trestle Glen’s sustainably farmed grapes are highly sought after and known to produce exceptionally high-quality wines.

After visiting and falling in love with the vineyard during a wine country getaway at the property, The Wheeler family jumped at the opportunity to buy Trestle Glen Vineyards from Bruce Cohn in 2021.

Fine wine enthusiasts for years, it had always been a dream of the family to own something small, where they could produce distinctive and delicious wine through the years. While the family is still learning the many nuances of owning a vineyard and winery, they’re in love with the process, and see tremendous opportunity to enhance both the property and the distinction of wines produced at Trestle Glen.

They hope you’ll support them as they step into this next adventure of life, and look forward to sharing their take on Sonoma Valley wines.




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