Chronic Cellars

At Chronic it’s all about the ‘C’s: Casual. Creative. Colorful. Comfortable. And let’s throw in cost-effective, coastal California, and character. Or, is that charact-ers? When the Beckett brothers, Josh and Jake, decided after college to go all-in on winemaking they joked around about the notion of a good wine that captured the casual lifestyle. After all, they had been raised in Paso Robles wine country among some serious vineyards and they decided it was time to do their own project. Little did the Beckett boys know then in 2004 that they had tapped into a growing population of wine-drinkers looking for some fun and lively conversation.

Years later, with a dozen-plus humorous and witty labels, uniquely creative blends and legions of fans, Chronic is a force in the wine industry in general – with Zinfandel playing a starring role. Among all the whites, rosé, and reds, Winemaker Kip Lorenzetti pushes the envelope with Purple Paradise, Dead Nuts, and Mr. Nibbles – distinctly different Zinfandel blends that are not exactly in line with stuffy old world tradition. But, not out of line with old California farming tradition when Zinfandel was commonly blended – even within the vineyard with other varieties in order to compose so many pioneering wines.

A visit to Chronic Cellars tasting room in Paso Robles on Nacimiento Lake Drive is as relaxed and laid back as the wines: picnic tables, horse shoes, cheese plates, friendly service, are the vibe du jour and tasting through the lineup is an adventure in itself!


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