Angry Bunch Wines

According to legend, the original Angry Bunch vine first spawned from Old-World soil during the angriest moon in a thousand years. Its vines were so gnarled, so feisty and ornery it never felt settled amongst the meek surrounding it. With a stubborn desire to reach its true potential, the Angry Bunch set out for a better life and sailed across the Atlantic for the land of opportunity.

Soon after hitting the crowded shores of America it became evident to the vine it needed to journey west…all the way west. With nothing but anger and grit to fuel the trek, the vine was pushed to the brink of survival until it finally sunk its gnarled roots into the soil of Lodi, California! Only here amongst pioneers, rabble-rousers and adventurers could a true Angry Bunch grape flourish.

Nurtured by skilled grape growers, sophisticated winemakers and relished by ballsy thrill-seekers that shared an unbreakable code to be true to themselves, live free and never settle the Angry Bunch had finally found a home.

Over the years the steadfast belief that powers the Angry Bunch grew…inspiring others to rebel and forge new ways to be excellent because Angry Never Tasted So Good.

Wine Regions include: Lodi, Mendocino County, Sonoma County






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