Once & Future Voyage of Discovery and Instant Cellar with 3L

If you’re looking for a little adventure in your life, even if it’s in your own living room, here’s your chance to launch a deep-dive wine expedition with Joel Peterson himself! While we wait for life to open up again, Joel will connect virtually with you and the friends and family you haven’t been able to see. Joel will ship up to 12 individual households 2 different Zins each for a total of 24 bottles total and host a private virtual gathering to discuss all things Zin and chat the night away.  Once & Future is a small project Joel started, specializing in wines from unique, older vineyards, made with a sensitivity to place and in a style that Joel personally loves and believes in—in short—wines of sweat, commitment, and love. Once & Future has only one offering a year, and you’ll receive access to a 6 bottle assortment. As you experience these wines for yourself, you’ll also have the Joel “bat phone” at the ready, where he can serve as your personal winemaker guide—to exchange knowledge of vineyards and vintages—or the meaning of Once & Future itself! Plus, as a centerpiece to your cellar, you’ll receive a 3L 2014 Once & Future Bedrock Vineyard. You’re on the right track as the winning bidder of this exclusive package!


  • Virtual Tasting with Joel Peterson with up to 12 individual bottle shipments total of 2 different Zins each for a total of 24 bottles
  • One 6 bottle assortment of Once & Future, shipped at their annual release
  • 3L Bottle of 2014 Once & Future Bedrock Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

Contributed by: Once & Future


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