Friday, Jan 31, 2020
Friday, Jan 31, 2020
10:30am - 1:00pm
The Palace Hotel


Ignite your desire for learning at this seated seminar-style tasting with themed wine flights and acclaimed winemakers presenting, beginning on Friday morning! Our eminent moderator, Joel Peterson, will take you on a revealing ride of exploration, delving into the history and science behind the flavors of Zinfandel. Flights offers unique insight into the Zinfandel varietal and allows you to experience the true character of the wines through the eyes of experts. You’ll finish early in the afternoon, allowing time to prepare for the evening’s festivities.

Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards – As seen through the Eyes of Their Caretakers

This year, there’s a new twist by bringing in the caretakers who grow the grapes! We will focus on six legendary Zinfandel vineyards from Paso Robles, Sonoma Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Lodi and Napa Valley, to talk about what it takes to grow the grapes and preserve these vineyards. These wines captivate wine lovers for their unique, special taste and their true expression of place—soil, climate and consistent expression year-over-year. Zinfandel is a grape that is perfectly matched to the soil and climate of particular vineyard locations and has a long, esteemed grape growing tradition in California.

Our speakers oversee and are intimately associated with these celebrated vineyards and will present their vineyard, as well as another wine that excites them. They will join Moderator, Joel Peterson to guide you through the tasting and share their thoughts on keeping these precious vines thriving. What makes a legend? Join us for this exploration into the legendary!

Bedrock Wine Co, Bedrock Vineyard – Jake Neustadt

Ridge Vineyards, Lytton Springs Vineyard – David Gates

Turley Wine Cellars, Ueberroth Vineyard – Brennen Stover

Harney Lane, Lizzy James Vineyard – Kyle Lerner

Monte Rosso Vineyard – Brenae Royal

R.W. Moore Vineyard – Mike Hendry

Moderator Joel Peterson | Founding Winemaker Ravenswood Winery

Joel Peterson has been the Winemaker of Ravenswood since 1976 and is a founding member of ZAP, having served as two-time President. Joel unwittingly embarked on his winemaking apprenticeship at the age of ten when he began tasting with the San Francisco Wine Sampling Club, organized and operated by his father. Joel works with 100+ growers who provide grapes for Ravenswood annually, consulting on all aspects of vineyard management. Joel relates equally well to the poetry and the product that forms the basis of winemaking today. ZAP is fortunate to have had Joel moderate the Flights event since 2010.

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